Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas by Azadwatch NYC: Vacheron, Patek Philippe, Rolex...

We're reminding you of the Mother's Day Gift Ideas because the Day happens to be coming up fast -- it's May 11th, 2014 FYI

#TeamAzad sincerely hope you've got plans to show your MOM how much you appreciate her. If you haven't figured out a strategy, we're here to help get you on the right track by providing Mother's Day gift ideas in the Fine Watches Category. 

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AzadWatch NYC located at 45 West 47th street in NYC has been in business for over 22 years. Our expertise on brand new and pre-owned timepieces starting from modern quartz watches to well-known Swiss brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis, Frank Muller, Cartier & more will help you find the watch of your dreams. In addition to the watch store in the diamond district, we have opened the Azad Repair & Polish Center.

Current Azad Repair & Polish Center clients include: Sotheby's, Christie's, Midtown Watches, Elegant Jewelers, Timeless Gallery, Half Past Twelve, J & P Timepieces, Avi & Co., 300 Watches, Renaissance, Signature TimePiece and others.

We offer comprehensive repair services for all luxury watch brands as well as vintage timepieces and pocket watches. Our technicians have over a century of extensive experience in all aspects of watch service. We have the most modern equipment available to provide the highest level of post warranty service and repair for all watches.

Services include but not limited to, watch overhaul, authentication, battery change, refinishing, plating, and water resistance testing. AzadWatch NYC also offers custom gem setting on most stainless steel, gold and platinum watches.   Note: We offer only post-warranty service. If your watch is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, please follow the instructions to obtain warranty service directly from the manufacturer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AzadWatch NYC Sponsors Persian Parade 2014 in NYC - Tehran Float

April 13, 2014  - Madison Avenue, New York City.

What a beautiful day for a great celebration of the first day of spring. Persian culture is celebrating the beginning of the Persian New Year or Nowruz through the colorful, full of symbolism Day Parade. Four families started the parade about 11 years ago, and the tradition is still being supported to this day. The parade is not only the means of celebrating New Year but also promoting the culture and educating people about its diverse sides. The streets are full of people who come from various cultures but most of who are united by one background that is a part of greater Persian Empire. The national flag colors are seen everywhere. The green symbolizes Growth, Joy, Harmony, Nature, and Persian Language. The white color as in many other cultures means Piece, Freedom and Honesty. The red stands for Suffering, Fire, Life, Love and Sophistication.
 The latter is the reason why red is also AzadWatch NYC’s company color. Sophistication is one of the key features, which set the company offerings (custom jewelry and timepieces) apart from any other competitor. As one of the major sponsors of the parade, AzadWatch NYC, Inc. is in charge of the float that symbolizes Tehran the capital of Iran. It is beautifully decorated with the Azadi (Freedom) Tower and the footage from the most picturesque places of the city. The Freedom Tower is the symbol of Tehran and marks the west entrance to the city. It was given the name of Freedom after the revolution in 1979. The float also featured some of the timepieces from AzadWatch’s recent collections (Legends of the Game, Championship Watches), which reflect why the company has this motto – “Freedom to choose your own style”. 

I believe AzadWatch NYC did a great job with the presentation of Tehran and its important symbols.

Please enjoy this beautiful footage from the Parade.

Visit the official website for more information about the sponsor and its products.

Please watch this video to get a better understanding about the Persian King Xerxes that was negatively portrayed in the movie “300”. (scroll to 2:05 minute)

Special thanks to Cedric King for photos @tonice4tv